Peace and silence
drag into my soul,
It wants to open window
to the higher goal.

Word by word,
verses begin to flow,
As the window opens
peace continues to grow.

First, what I see
is a magical tree,
It says, "Life is a miracle!
Don't you agree?

Look at my branches,
how they look ideally,
In rhythm with the wind,
the leaves flicker so freely.

It's a beautiful dance
and we're a great pair,
Look at the moment
when you're not aware.

The meadow is behind me,
See how many lovely flowers,
I could look at this beauty
for countless hours.

Can you hear the sound
that the water makes?
New paths on ground,
every day, it takes.

Water is precious,
Something we all need,
the most important element,
it is indeed.

Oxygen, we create
together with the sun,
We are taking care of things,
And that is enough for everyone.

Can you feel the heat
that the sun shares?
With its rays hugging you
through the Earth's air.

And looking over me,
birds are flying,
One always visits me
and stories, it keeps on supplying.

It starts to sing
with its beautiful voice,
about amazing places
that makes me rejoice.

Other animals also come
from time to time,
Some of them,
even on me climb.

They always bring me
such joy,
and each other's company,
we enjoy.

And there in a distance,
do you see?
A human soul is drawing
this amazing life key."

Lower and lower,
A magical tree speaks,
"Send these words
to the highest peaks.

Truth is always present
in our hearts,
and remember: From the heart
everything starts."

The window is completely open now,
The whole soul shines,
This is what I call love,
pure and divine.
Nusha is one
magnificent dog,
and with her, I'll make
a little epilogue.

In my life Nusha plays
an important role,
I feel her like
a part of my soul.

She is my
life master,
With her I learn
much faster.

My anger, happiness and sadness
she always feels,
And with my emotions,
in different ways she deals.

When I'm happy,
she wants to play.
When I'm sad,
she tries to brighten up my day.

But when I'm angry,
she moves away,
showing me clearly
how my energy isn't okay.

Usually she
starts to shake,
and in that moment,
I'm awake.

I see how my energy
affects those around,
and what it does to somebody
who is near me found.

For me,
this is a great school,
to see how our energy
is a huge tool.

Her reaction helps me
calm down,
and ensures that in negative energy,
I don't drown.

Forgiveness is another lesson
which I learn from her,
It's amazing how easily
inside her it can occur.

No matter what
people do or say,
she immediately forgives
and shows the right way.

She showed me
how to enjoy
different weather conditions,
to go out when it rains
and see the beauty
in all of nature's compositions.

Huge happiness
she often spreads,
especially when we wake up
and go out from our beds.

It looks like she is
celebrating a new day,
How perfect would be
if we acted the same way?

With pure and great love,
she fills my soul,
fixing inside me
any kind of  hole.

Nusha, my dearest,
you are my sun,
Thank you for everything,
my little one.
is our inner voice
that always knows
to make right choice.

Knowledge and experience
lead us on that road,
but for real wisdom,
there exists a secret code.

So, the question is:
How does one become truly wise?
Maybe we'll find the answer
if we use more than two eyes...

If we open the door
of the third eye,
then to wisdom,
we'll never say goodbye.

The third eye guides us
through the hidden cells,
where all answers,
intuition tells.

Intuition is connected
with the divine source,
which always shows us
the right course.

So now that we know
where wisdom lies,
Let's see what wisdom
makes so wise...

Understanding, accepting, and compassion
are just some of the characteristics
that make wisdom unique
without using any statistics.

Wisdom will wait with decisions
as long as it takes,
because it knows how in a hurry,
we make unnecessary mistakes.

It knows when to be quiet
and when to speak,
It's a master
of this desirable technique.

Wisdom seeks balance
and the golden middle way,
The harmony all around
that we could display.

It believes in us
and that we can do all,
If we put our soul in front,
wisdom knows it will never fall.
The meaning of the weather
has a wide range,
but on this occasion
we'll talk about climate change.

Climate changes are happening
over the course of Earth's history,
Through geological eyes,
that is not a mystery.

It's a process
that lasts millions of years,
but now unfortunately,
its acceleration appears.

It's connected to
global warming,
and to many other activities
that humans are performing.

Glaciers are melting
much faster,
These consequences could produce
enormous disaster.

Many plant and animal species,
with these climate changes,
will go extinct.
Don't forget:
We're all linked.

Numerous warnings
we're receiving every day,
but we need to open our eyes
and choose the right way.

Let's reduce
greenhouse gas emissions,
with renewable energy sources
let's play nicer compositions.

Recycling and separating waste
is another important key,
as well as to plant every now and then
another beautiful tree.

We are the ones who have
a direct influence
on climate conditions,
so let's awaken ourselves
and give our Earth better editions.
Below the Mount Srđ
is a city that always shines,
freedom is its base
and its guardian sign.

The Medieval City walls
hug the Old Town,
within it the art is hidden
so let's go little bit down.

At its end points
there are four forts,
about each of them
I will give you short reports.

Minčeta Fort
in the northwest stands,
it's round and from it
an unforgettable view expands.

Fortress Revelin
in the east is situated,
Gate of Ploče
always it has protected.

Further to the south
St. John guards,
to the island Lokrum
there are few hundred yards.

And Fortress Bokar
near the entrance to the city,
it is looking at fort Lovrijenac
which is very, very pretty.

Through the Pile Gate
I will introduce you now,
to the main street Stradun
where everything is wow.

Two Onofrio Fountains
Stradun adorns,
so Dubrovnik for drinking water
has known from a long.

At the end of the main street
on the Luža square,
stone masons
showed their flare.

So let's start
from the church of St. Blaise,
he's the patron of Dubrovnik
from long ago to these very days.

Sponza Palace
what a beautiful building,
right next to it
the city bell tower is appearing.

Near the bell tower
is the Rector's Palace,
where once the Rector
showed his talents.

And Dubrovnik Cathedral
above mentioned palace,
everything here
is in some kind of balance.

There are plenty beautiful
things to see,
this tour was exciting
and I hope you agree :)
Look at the view
this place provides,
Marjan is symbol of Split
and forest-park besides.

Whoever to
"Town under Marjan" comes,
this place has to visit
at least once.

Let's go back
when Split was created,
in time when Roman government

Diocletian, a Roman emperor,
made the palace scheme,
from which developed
a wonderful city dream.

In the beginning
Diocletian's Palace
was the home,
to the only emperor
who arbitrarily
left his throne.

Inside the palace
in the medieval times,
numerous buildings were built
with different designs.

The Cathedral of St. Domnius
is an example delightful,
adorns central square Peristyle
and for Split is vital.

Famous Pjaca
or People's Square,
represents city's social life
ever since the medieval air.

And Prokurative
or the Republic square,
often spreads
  cultural and musical flare.

The Golden Gate
leads into the city
from the north,
in front of them
Gregory of Nin says:
"just go forth".

Iron Gate
leads to the Pjaca
from the west,
and from the east Silver
original antique pavement
many years at test.

Brass Gate
coming out to Riva,
the most important promenade,
after this story
here we'll have coffee
or a sweet lemonade :


Emperor's treasure
according to the legend exists,
somewhere around the Split,
but to find it
one has to persist.

For centuries
an old woman
watches over treasure,
it is said it is the empress
and that she guards it
with pleasure.

So pack your things
and come to Split,
which is very interesting
you have to admit :)

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